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  • Surgery for Nearsightedness
    Surgical Options for Nearsightedness at Our Corneal Lens Institute in Dallas, TX Two effective surgical procedures for patients that suffer from nearsightedness are Photorefractive Keratotomy (RK) and LASIK. If you are Read more
  • Orthokeratology FAQs in Dallas, TX
    Orthokeratology FAQs in Dallas, TX Even though eyeglasses and contact lenses are great for correcting most refractive errors, many people would prefer not to have to wear any eye correction. Yet, Read more
  • June is Cataract Awareness Month
    June is Cataract Awareness MonthThis time of year, we have seasonal eye care on our minds: fireworks safety, UV radiation protection, eye allergy, and so on. Our Dallas eye doctor Read more
  • What Is Hydra-PEG?
    What Is Hydra-PEG? Answers from Our Dallas Optometrists If you are a patient suffering from a painful case of dry eye and have not been able to find relief for your Read more
  • What is Ortho-K?
    What is Ortho-K? Answers from our Dallas Optometrist It’s clear that glasses aren’t for everyone. You may prefer contacts because you don’t like the way glasses change your appearance, or you simply Read more
  • What Causes Dry Eyes?
    What Causes Dry Eyes? Answers from Our Dallas Optometrists Do uncomfortable sensations in your eyes have you thinking that you might have a case of dry eye? If so, you’re not Read more
  • ​Keratoconus Treatment FAQs
    Keratoconus Treatment FAQs At the Cornea Lens Institute in Dallas, TX, our optometrist and staff is aware that keratoconus affects thousands of individuals worldwide. So we're sharing some of the most Read more
  • GVHD and the Benefit of Scleral Lenses
    GVHD and the Benefit of Scleral Lenses Medical transplants, such as organ transplants, have saved countless of lives. Transplants also improve the lives of patients. There are two main types of transplant processes – Read more
  • Are You Prepared With Proper Eye Safety During the Eclipse?
    Solar Eclipse Viewing Information From Our Cornea Specialist in Dallas At Cornea Lens Institute, our cornea specialist in Dallas would like to warn you about the dangers of viewing the upcoming solar eclipse without Read more
  • Post RK and LASIK Complications
    Treatment Options in Dallas for Cornea Conditions Caused by LASIK and Radial Keratotomy People who have had vision correction surgery like LASIK or radial keratotomy (RK) may think there is nothing that can be Read more
  • Preventing and Managing Midday Fog
    How to Manage Midday Fog Affecting Scleral Contact Lenses Scleral contact lenses are larger diameter specialty contact lenses designed for people who cannot wear standard contact lenses due to keratoconus, corneal dystrophy and other Read more